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Why is Plastic PVC / Wood Composite Panels safe?

The safety mentioned here is:

1. Safety for users’ health:

The main component of the plastic / plastic composite board is PVC – one of the primary plastics besides PP, HDPE, ABS, PET…

Primary plastic is like 9999 gold in the plastic industry. This plastic type is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.

Primary plastic is created from oil fields. Experiencing the production process to ensure standards of quality and intended use. The process of making virgin plastic beads is extremely strict with capable individuals. After being separated by the fractional distillation, the valuable plastics are put into production and use..

Even virgin plastic is used to produce high-value and high-standard items such as: medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, food, aircraft cases, automotive equipment, etc.

2. Safety during use:

As we all know, in daily life there are always many potential fire hazards. Items and furniture made of wood are often flammable, making the fire spread faster. But with plastic board / wood plastic composite is different. The flammability of PVC is up to 450 ℃. We took the plate to the Institute of Building Materials for testing, the results were: No flammability and the plate surface only turned black after testing. This means that plastic wood / plastic composite panels even have the effect of preventing fire from spreading, somewhat reducing the time the fire breaks out as well as the damage caused by the fire.

That is with fire, so what about water? Furniture made from wood, especially industrial wood, is very afraid of water, when soaked in water for a long time, it will rot and be damaged. But plastic board / wood plastic composite is not. The nature of plastic is not afraid of water, in addition, the sheet is created from the extrusion process, so it has a solid structure..

3. Safe, environmentally friendly:

Plastic board / wood plastic composite can be recycled, limiting waste to the environment, so it is very friendly.

In addition, the use of plastic wood / plastic composite panels contributes to reducing the consumption of natural wood and industrial wood, helping to protect forest resources.

This is considered a green material, a popular trend in the field of furniture.

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